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Use Syndigo to power the continual flow of all types of content and data between brands, distributors, retailers, and their customers.

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Selling more requires a new way of managing data and content across multiple domains.

Brands, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers face brutal competition. Syndigo gets it, because we come from this world.

If these are your challenges...Your solution should...
Channels are changing.Create a unified experience for all channels, so you win the sale.
Complex data drives everything.Harness data to personalize and customize offerings.
Customers are now in control.Empower customers to make great choices more easily.
Commerce happens lightning fast.Get product and availability information to shelf quickly.
Gaps amplify risk.Create a seamless system, both internally and externally.

Modern commerce is powered by Syndigo, the Active Content Engine

Win every shelf with continuous optimization

Rapidly assess and modify content to optimize performance using Syndigo’s unique integration of analytics throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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Control all content and data flows at every point

Our comprehensive platform connects every aspect of the data and content lifecycle, so you gain efficiency, visibility and control from creation to sale.

Harness exponential data growth

Manage the continual flow of information with a complete solution. Syndigo starts with a leading Master Data Management configuration that connects product, customer, and location domains with the means to scale.

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Exactly what you need–with no trade-offs

Internal data governance, effective content delivery, plus performance feedback and optimization, all in one. Regardless of company role, content type, domain, or industry vertical, we’re the only solution needed.

Leverage the largest global two-sided network

Syndigo serves brands, retailers, distributors, partners and their customers, giving us a full working knowledge of the data as well as the context behind the data.

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How to Win with the Active Content Engine

Create and Ingest Great Content

Create accurate, engaging product content. Whether Syndigo creates the content or integrates brand-developed content, it will be fit for publishing on any channel. We enrich, verify and ensure consistency across channels.

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Manage and Govern High-Quality Data

Connect multiple data domains—including customer, location, and product—both internally and externally. Syndigo can create your MDM, PIM or DAM solution for improved coordination, management and governance across your organization.

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Master Data Management

Product Information Management

Syndicate and Distribute Content Anywhere

Seamlessly share data among trading partners. Tap into a retailer network of 1,750+ recipients, plus a marketplace of verified content, and nearly endless possibilities for custom distributions.

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Largest Global Two-Sided Network

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Second Largest GDSN Data Pool in the World

Build Engaging Customer Experiences

Deliver Enhanced Content and in-store experiences that engage shoppers and drive sales. Adding Engaging Hero content, comparison charts, lifestyle imagery, and more changes the game. Studies show a 30% average lift in add-to-cart rates when using Enhanced Content.

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Enhanced Content

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In-Store Solutions

Optimize Product Content Using Analytics

Monitor and improve product content using our eCommerce Analytics and custom reports. Easily discover which content has the greatest impact on customer behavior and make rapid improvements in content to increase engagement.


eCommerce & Digital Shelf Analytics

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Improved Content Integrity

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Join the largest, global two-sided network of brands + recipients

Syndigo can help you plug in, orchestrate the right ecosystem for your business, and deliver better customer experiences. Where others are niche and narrow, we deliver the only solution that realizes the entirety of ‘end-to-end’ and omnichannel capabilities, with compelling results.

Recognized as ‘Leader’ in Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM Solutions, 2021

Recognized as “Leader” in Forrester Wave for Product Information Management, 2021

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Would you rather rely on one solution or patch together several?

Let us show you how you can gain complete, omnichannel capabilities with Syndigo.