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Boosting Your Business Results With Best Buy

Join us Tuesday, July 28th, 11:00am CST

With more shoppers leveraging eCommerce than ever before, the need for high quality PDPs (and data) is constant. Companies on average lose more than $9 million due to poor online data quality.

And suppliers who don’t deliver content properly may not even have their PDP displayed online. Small changes in data quality convert into big changes in sales.

Syndigo, in partnership with Best Buy, wants to share the secrets of how to gain more efficiency and sales growth online at Best Buy. With accurate data verification and the most comprehensive eCommerce capabilities – including core label and informational attributes, engaging hero, and in-line rich media – Syndigo can help you make the most of your experience on

Join our experts for this informative webinar designed to help suppliers manage and execute their content programs for better results. You will learn:

  • What makes a successful listing online with Best Buy
  • The specific format requirements for data delivery and how to ensure you are meeting it
  • How to publish product content directly with easy item setup
  • Why taxonomy is important and how Syndigo experts ensure your content is properly configured
  • How to receive direct feedback on content completeness, error tracking and content delivery confirmation

Strengthen your data quality today! Sign up to learn how your content can drive more conversions and sales.

 Retailers: Elevate Your Shoppers’ Product Experience  

Join us Wednesday, June 24th, 10:00am CST

Today’s consumer marketplace has become more exclusively focused to the online experience. Whether it is for grocery items or small appliances, more and more of your shoppers are taking an online-first approach. Brands have invested many resources to entice consumers, but it is the retailers who have the opportunity to turn visits into sales and browsers into loyal customers, by enabling enhanced content to create engaging and memorable shopping experiences.

The retailers that enable a rich PDP for brands are the ones who will attract and retain shoppers today. Are you helping your suppliers make the most of their content? With Syndigo’s suite of exclusive retailer capabilities, we can help your online presence expand beyond simple item descriptions and pictures. Plus, our administrative workflow tools help retailers and suppliers accurately understand their content completeness and quality.

Join us for this exclusively retailer-focused webinar where you will learn how Syndigo can help you:

  • Build a more intelligent PDP framework, by enabling your suppliers to deliver more engaging branded content throughout the page
  • Implement and monitor content requirements by brand and by supplier to ensure optimal shopping experiences.
  • Develop a “vendor central” approach that provides all the necessary content tools for your suppliers, in a low-impact framework
  • Provide your supplier partners with an immersive online product experience with demonstration videos, lifestyle images, product manuals and more
  • Optimize every element of your PDPs with an end-to-end analytics solution

Plus, you will learn how Syndigo’s “light touch” approach is an easy process to implement, with minimal impact to your IT technology infrastructure.

So be a part of our retailer conversation, June 24, and learn more about Syndigo’s capabilities for increasing sales and improving supplier content.

Drive Online Sales With Optimized Content & Detailed Analytics

Join us Thursday, July 23rd, 10:00am CST

Your product content is a snapshot of a constantly changing ecosystem, and unless you have the capability to actively monitor and update your content in multiple formats on the fly, you could be missing out on sales.

Pairing product information with deep analytics to give your customers the perfect shopping experience both online and in-store is crucial.

Are you able to easily pinpoint strengths and gaps on product pages to better measure shopper behavior? Is your product content optimized for e-commerce?

With Syndigo’s eCommerce Analytics powered by the Content Experience Hub (CXH), it is easy to improve your content quality and product performance at a much deeper level.

We understand the importance of delving deeper into your product content with best-in-class analytics and real-time reporting.

Join us for a compelling webinar where you will learn how to:

  • Receive alerts about game changing fixes to improve content quality on eCommerce sites
  • Get actionable shopper insights into how your content is performing relative to competitors via custom reports and dashboards.
  • Build intelligent product detail pages that leverage analytics and intuitively optimize the consumer experience.
  • Get instant answers to important questions like “Are you winning the buy box?” “Is your product content live?”, or ““Where does your product come up when someone searches on a retailer site?

Past Webinars

Past Webinars

Compreenda o impacto do COVID-19 nas vendas online

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O mercado consumidor na América Latina, cujo crescimento para 2020 é estimado em US$ 82,33 trilhões, está mudando diariamente com os desafios que o COVID-19 representam para os negócios.

O comércio eletrônico é uma parte importante da estratégia de contenção do vírus, impedindo a propagação da doença e é um meio que permite maior acesso às compras no Brasil em categorias importantes como produtos farmacêuticos, alimentos e cuidados pessoais. A disponibilidade de conteúdo online, incluindo informações básicas sobre produtos e conteúdo avançado e enriquecido, ajuda a fornecer aos compradores informações necessárias para tomar decisões de compra.

Marcas e varejistas que fortalecem suas estratégias em disponibilidade, entrega e pagamentos fornecerão um forte benefício ao consumidor que pode se traduzir em lealdade dos clientes a longo prazo. Com pesquisas e insights globais sobre o comportamento do comprador, a Syndigo pode ajudar marcas e varejistas sobre as importantes decisões que eles precisam tomar durante esse período.

Junte-se a nós para uma sessão de webinar que o ajudará a entender melhor as mudanças importantes que ocorreram no mercado nos últimos meses e as etapas que você precisa executar, incluindo:

  • Tendências globais na estratégia de conteúdo para os consumidores
  • Comportamento do comprador online – o que funciona e o que não funciona
  • Histórias de sucesso: marcas e varejistas prontos para o sucesso no atual cenário
  • Maneiras de monitorar a entrega e a integridade do seu conteúdo em tempo real

Enable Commerce Globally with a Powerful Unified Platform

This webinar has already occurred.

With eCommerce continually expanding as consumers look for online purchasing options, the need for complete, accurate and high-quality synchronized digital product information is understood to be a ‘must have’.

But more than that, today suppliers and retailers need to access this content as a syndicated solution of consistent product information across data requirements, without the burden of building or configuring it themselves.

The combined impact of a comprehensive content platform with true syndication (and not just distribution) is critical.

Syndigo, a leading global product information and syndication company, recently acquired Kwikee, combining unique asset creation, validation and syndication capabilities in a single source.

Join us for a compelling webinar where you will learn how the addition of Kwikee capabilities to the Syndigo’s CXH platform can help you:

  • Elevate your entire product experience with best in class capabilities like core and enhanced rich media content, on-and off-label nutrition information, management of GDSN data pool content and advanced eCommerce shelf analytics, all from a single source.
  • Leverage better shopper engagement with the most complete and flexible range of tools to manage Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM), Syndication, and Analytics – globally.
  • Have your product content needs covered with people, processes, and innovative technology to allow ease of syndication, nutritional information and analytics.
  • Uncover opportunities to kickstart conversion goals, showcase your brand, optimize product pages, all within our robust end-to-end platform.

Get The Most Out of The GDSN With Syndigo

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Syndigo’s proven technology has provided thousands of businesses with the solutions and services needed to automate supply chain operations and increase product sales for nearly two decades.

And as pioneers of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), we’ve paved the way for the successful synchronization of standardized product information in markets all over the world.

Trust Syndigo with your supply chain data! Whether you are looking for comprehensive coverage, rapid item setup or compliance in every corner, we have got you covered.

Plus hear from a GDSN expert at Gordon Food Services firsthand to learn how they leverage Syndigo to ensure their product information is distributed to the widest global network and streamline their operational activities.

Better eCommerce
through Optimization and Reporting

This webinar has already occurred.
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Did you know that the add-to-cart rates for comparable products on the same retail website can vary by as much as 20-30%. What is the difference? Product page optimization.

Come learn about how Syndigo’s portfolio of enhanced content solutions can be leveraged to provide comprehensive eCommerce optimization. Syndigo’s SJ Petteruti and Rita Killilea will zero in on the crucial elements necessary, including the importance of Core Content, best practices for product page optimization, and how to use Content Health Reporting to test and analyze your eCommerce strategy.

Listen to how Syndigo’s portfolio of enhanced content solutions can be leveraged to provide complete end-to-end eCommerce optimization.

Elevate Your Product Experience With Enhanced Content

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60% of shoppers say online video has given them ideas or inspiration for their purchase (Google Consumer Survey 2019).

Whether it’s grocery items or small appliances, consumer engagement today is all about product experience. In today’s world of information-at-your-fingertips, brands and retailers have the chance to go much deeper, pulling a shopper in and engaging them with details beyond the label to reinforce an item’s uses and benefits.

Are you content with your content? Syndigo enhanced content provides more than just the item and a picture. It has been shown to increase conversion rates anywhere from 10% – 36%.

Syndigo Analytics & Reporting

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Here is your opportunity to learn about the incredible opportunities you now have access to, through Syndigo’s new Analytics & Reporting capabilities, available through Syndigo’s Content Experience Hub.

With Brian Bates, Vice President, Client Development & Solutions Engineering. You will learn the ways that Syndigo’s Analytics and Reporting can help you optimize your product data to maximize your eCommerce business. You can bring together all the pieces of your business into one place with the most up-to-date, intelligent analytics and pricing and performance reporting.

Learn how:

• You can monitor your online content health daily, to stay in control

• You can aggregate customer ratings to understand what they’re saying and where

• You can maximize your performance including out of stock monitoring and price threshold alerts and reporting

Listen to how Syndigo can help you maximize your content programs by optimizing your product data!

An End-to-End Solution,
A Single Platform

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Attention, Content Analytics clients… here is your opportunity to learn about the incredible opportunities you now have access to, through Content Experience Hub, Syndigo’s integrated platform for product content creation, management and syndication.

With Chris Barnes, SVP, Corporate Development & Solutions Delivery. You will learn the ways that Syndigo brings a more unified experience to our clients and how we are solving their challenges across the retail ecosystem.

Learn how:

• You now have a MUCH larger distribution network to syndicate your content, globally

• You can support you company GS1 activities with Syndigo’s integrated GDSN capabilities in CXH

• You have expanded capabilities to create, enrich and validate your Core and Enhanced product content to drive online and in-store engagement with shoppers

Listen to how Syndigo can help you integrate all your content processes to meet shopper needs on a single platform!

Prepare for Target
VendorSCOR Requirements

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As Target’s exclusive analytics partner, we at Syndigo would like to provide you with the tools you need to prepare for the upcoming changes to the Target VendorSCOR program to ensure you are in compliance prior to Target’s initial round of audits.

With Brian Bates, Vice President, Client Development & Solutions Engineering. You will learn the ways that Syndigo’s Target VendorSCOR program can assist in your overall content health on

Listen to how Syndigo can help you optimize your eCommerce content!

Content Experience Hub

An End-to-End Solution, A Single Platform for Product Content Creation, Management, and Syndication

Connect with thousands of Suppliers and Retailers in near real time to enable efficient and accurate distribution of millions of products daily
Take control of your product content as a Brand or Retailer with a single source of truth
Empower shoppers with the best possible product experiences through content creation, validation, enrichment, syndication, and analysis

Want to see the Content Experience Hub?

Syndigo is the global leader for validated Core and Enhanced digital product content including deep nutritional data, and GDSN data across the largest network of 1,500+ retailers, distributors and trading partners, as well as more than 10,000+ manufacturer and suppliers.

Important COVID-19 Update: Please read how Syndigo is navigating the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.Learn More