Introducing Content Experience Hub

Your end-to-end solution to collect and create, enrich and manage, syndicate to your recipients, and analyze all your digital assets, Core Marketing, and Enhanced product content.

Collaborate with the world’s largest retailer, distributor and supplier trading network.

Syndigo’s Content Experience Hub connects more than 7,500 global brands and 1,400 global retailers and recipients by syndicating Core, Enhanced and Rich Media content for more than three million products daily.

The hub offers much more than your traditional PIMs’ and DAMs’ capabilities. It’s designed to be your end-to-end content management solution so that you only need to leverage one robust solution.

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Create and Collect

Either leverage one of our 14 photography studios located around the U.S. to create your content and photograph your products for you using physical products, printer flats or digital mock ups, or upload your already-developed product content directly to CXH, including Core and Enhanced product content, digital assets, nutrition information and supplier-provided beyond the packaging GDSN data.


We will make sure it includes the required fields and formatted to proper specifications for your retailer partners, GDSN, or hosted for the largest retailer network to leverage.


*Syndigo is a Walmart Connected Content Partner for Content Enrichment. Learn more here.


Audit, Enrich, and Manage*

Your product’s label is just the beginning. With the Content Experience Hub you can control the lifecycle of your content with capabilities to view, audit, enrich, and manage your product information beyond the label – such as allergen warnings, nutritional claims, or dietary compliance – to meet the requirements of retailers, foodservice regulations, and the GDSN.


Our tools for publishing digital media – including video and image galleries, interactive product tours, 360° views, recipes, how to guides, and comparison charts ensure engaging rich media content is also published directly to your retailers’ product pages.


The CXH will also share levels of product quality so you know where and how to spend your time to ensure you have the best content available.


*Syndigo is a Walmart Connected Content Partner for Rich Media. Learn more here.


Disseminate & Publish

By publishing your content to CXH, your brand is syndicated directly to our vast retailer network of more than 1,400 end points, connected via API and other standards to drive the in-store and online ecosystem. Your core marketing and enhanced product content, digital assets, and supplier product data feed directly to retailers, foodservice distributors, and channel partners via the GDSN and peer-to-peer data sharing.


We help ensure your product content is complete, accurate, and published and updated regularly, to maintain consistency and freshness for the end consumer to have full product transparency.


Act & Analyze

Your product content was created to drive consumer loyalty, create an engaging shopping experience, and increase sales conversion. With Syndigo’s analytical tools, you can use our insights to plan and execute your future in-store and online merchandising strategies, benchmark against the competition, and drive additional sales growth.


Our integrated approach to content development and delivery you can understand the “so what” and “what should we do different” to know where you and your team should spend your time to get the results you want.

Why Choose the Content Experience Hub

Expand Your Network

Get access to the largest global retailer ecosystem and thousands of global brands.

Enrich Your Content

Gain greater control over the way your content appears and ensure it meets the standards of your retailers and the GDSN.

Validate Your Data

Reduce the time and effort required to manage your ecosystem, while securely distributing the best quality content you have available.

Drive Engagement & Conversion

Use real-time benchmarking and analytics to create engaging shopping experiences for your consumers in-store and through the eCommerce channel.

Want to see the Content Experience Hub?

Syndigo is the global leader for validated Core and Enhanced digital product content including deep nutritional data, and GDSN data across the largest network of 1,400+ retailers, distributors and trading partners, as well as more than 7,500+ manufacturer and suppliers.