eBook: The Importance of Foodservice Labeling

Consumers expect food transparency everywhere. And now, it’s also the law.

It’s a fact: Consumers expect and demand food transparency everywhere they eat. What will set successful operations apart?


The answer is trust – a key element of brand loyalty. And the path to trust is paved with transparency and consistency.


Open and honest communication about food sourcing, ingredients, nutrition facts, allergens and environmental impact is a crucial part of building and restoring the kind of consumer trust and loyalty that drives revenue.


This easy-to-read eBook provides information and guidance to show you:

  • Why serving up transparency wins back trust.
  • How the Menu Labeling Law affects the foodservice industry
  • Why allergen labeling matters
  • How complete, consistent, visually appealing online content drives loyalty and revenue
  • Ways we can help you meet consumer demands and legal requirements

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