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Audit your eCommerce content with a complimentary scorecard.

Content Integrity

Improve your content quality through optimization and evaluate retailer requirements.

Be Effective Across All Your Channels

Content Integrity encompasses of all the pieces of your content from creation to reporting. When all are streamlined, this leads to content quality. Syndigo has the end-to-end solution that makes sure content is complete and accurate all the way through your processes.


Stay aware of product content updates and retailer requirements. Be sure your content is being syndicated when and where you want it.


Whether 5 products or 5,000 products, it is cumbersome to make sure each one is performing on many different retailer sites. Now you can optimize your product content all from one platform.


Get notified with game changing alerts about easy fixes to your product data and improve your Content Integrity across multiple Commerce sites.

Compare with Live

You don’t have weeks and months to manually review product detail pages online. With Compare With Live, get a side-by-side comparison of product detail page marketing content on retailer websites v/s PIM attribute data. Easily verify that the product content sent is consistent with what is displayed live.

Content Scorecard

Audit your content for recipient requirements and understand the gaps in your product content that need to be updated, and quickly take action on poorly performing content. Request a content audit from Syndigo and receive a scorecard for your retailers like Target, Walmart or Lowe’s.

Content Health

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