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Enhanced Content Tips

The tips for better Enhanced Content described here are based on our relationships with a wide variety of manufacturers and retailers who publish enhanced product information to retailer websites, allowing us to gather and analyze feedback from industry experts.

External Links/URLs

There can be no active URL website links to web pages in the content you create or upload. Remove all active links that would lead a user to another page on the retailer’s website.

Syndigo understands the value that complete content provides when it is integrated and distributed to data recipients in their custom formats. This is why we work with brands, retailers, distributors and operator as clients. Our vision is to enable the efficient transfer of product data between trading partners, supported by the most complete content platform and largest global network.

Static Pricing / Fixed Dates

Time Sensitive

Avoid references to fixed dates about the specific product included within the content. Because this content will likely be live for the duration of the time the correlating products are being offered on the retailer’s website, remove all dates and time-sensitive content.

Because content from Syndigo can appear on more than one retailer site, no mention of any specific retailers can be included. Remove any reference to a specific retailer or use the Select Retailers filter to ensure that any sections that include a mention of a specific retailer only redirect to that specific retailer.

Retailer Specific

Competing Brands and Products

Avoid mentioning specific brands or products other than yours while using comparative or competitive language. Most retailers prohibit such references.

Avoid inflated marketing words. Avoid text that contains information or wording that is inappropriate for publication on retail channels. Examples: world’s best, world’s greatest, best product, #1 selling product, fastest product, nothing is better.

Improper Claims

Made in USA Claim

“Made in USA” means that “all or virtually all” of the product has been made in America. To ensure that this claim is not included on our retailers’ websites despite being correct, is use is prohibited.

Check that the content submitted meets accessibility requirements if publishing to an Accessibility Compliant Retailer Website (examples: Target, Costco, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond). Any video MUST also include Closed Captions in order to display on sites with accessibility requirements enabled. If you use images that contain text (not recommended as a general best practice), ensure that this text is repeated in the caption or Alt text.

Accessibility Compliance

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