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Hajoca Product Content Initiative

Synchronizing your product content with Hajoca just got easier, thanks to Syndigo.

Hajoca family brands are implementing several substantial growth initiatives in the near future for which data consistency will be imperative. To successfully implement and sustain these growth strategies and purchase more of your product, we require more consistent and streamlined data.


The manual, repetitive tasks required to manage product content can add up to lost productivity and take you and your team away from valuable tasks. With that in mind, we are constantly working to improve our processes and partnerships to ensure that we’re evolving to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing marketplace.


That’s why we’ve partnered with Syndigo, the world’s most complete product content solution. This initiative is inclusive of Hajoca and eImprovement, and will inform digital product flyers and information sheets for our customers, as well as internal sales training.

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Enter Data and Submit Items
Data Entry and Publication
Data Entry and Publication


Open Q&A Session

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CXH Help Center

Understand the different ways to find answers to your questions and learn about the multitude of functions within the CXH platform. Look out for the Answer Bot throughout the platform!

Getting Started with Syndigo GDSN

Find out what you need to send GDSN information

Why Syndigo?

Access from Anywhere

It’s in the cloud! Make your internal workflows so much easier with unlimited users and custom permissions. No more siloed information!

Your Centralized Repository

Simplify the management and maintenance of your data with one single location for all of your product content.

Flexible Upload Options

The Syndigo platform allows you the flexibility to load data directly into the application, thorough smart spreadsheets, or import feeds from your system to ours.

Enhanced Data Quality

Our integrated Data Quality Engine performs thousands of validations to ensure both completeness and accuracy of your data.

Digital Asset Management

Take control of your product images, detailed shots, videos, planograms, and more. Whatever the format or size, our digital asset transformation tools are a game changer.

Training & Support

Let us help you get the most from your product content. Syndigo offers self-paced learning, hosted training webinars, and in-person workshops.

Interested in publishing your product data to Hajoca and other vendors?

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Syndigo is the global leader for validated core and enhanced digital product content including deep nutritional data, and GDSN data across the largest network of 1,400+ retailers, distributors and trading partners, including over 7,500+ manufacturers and suppliers.

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