Phillips Pet Food & Supplies Data Sync Initiative

Synchronizing your product content with Phillips Pet Food & Supplies just got easier, thanks to Syndigo.

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The manual, repetitive tasks required to manage your product content can add up to lost productivity and take you and your team away from valuable tasks. With that in mind, we are constantly working to improve our processes and partnerships to ensure that we’re evolving to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing marketplace.


Working with our vendors to synchronize your product content will create supply chain efficiencies, ultimately reducing the time to get your items to market.


Additionally, you will be able to easily leverage this data across your other recipients, creating additional efficiencies.


Automate manual tasks and increase efficiency.


Bring products to market faster.


Detect errors and prevent costly data challenges.


Increase data quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Phillips implementing data synchronization?

  • At Phillips, we are constantly working to improve our processes and partnerships to ensure that we’re evolving to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing marketplace. The complexity added to the supply chain and the expectations of the end consumer have led to an industry-wide push for uniformity of product content. We believe working together with our vendors to synchronize all their product content will help us maximize supply chain efficiencies and streamline our item setup process.Our goal is to: Collect accurate attribute-level data, improve new item setup process & increase speed-to-market, ensure data integrity.

What are the benefits for Phillips' vendors?

  • Data synchronization provides an automated method to synchronize our item information with vendors, according to global industry standards, by utilizing the same format for all trade items and parties to improve accuracy. Synchronizing data globally dramatically reduces time spent manually entering and adjusting information, making it possible to focus valuable resources on your core business.Begin your item level data entry with Syndigo and leverage your completed, validated data by exporting from Syndigo to send to other recipients needing the same data
    Increase your speed to market. Create operational efficiencies by reducing the time required to manage multiple touch points to get your products on the shelf
    Improve data consistency & accuracy, which leads to more accurate purchase orders and invoices.

What if I already have a GDSN service provider

  • You can choose the GDSN provider that best meets your needs to publish your data to Phillips. If you need GDSN services or want to change your provider, Syndigo is a GDSN Certified Data Pool and can offer a quote.

Do I have to sign up with Syndigo for GDSN service?

  • You need to select a GDSN-certified data pool to get started, and Syndigo is Phillips’ preferred GDSN provider.

Are all of Phillips vendors required to implement data synchronization via the GDSN?

  • Vendors will be required to submit information according to the GDSN standard.

Who can access my data?

  • You are the gatekeeper to your data! Only the data recipients (like Phillips) that you approve can receive your data.
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