Product Page Performance

Find out how your above the fold content is performing, which elements are getting attention and how to improve your product content.

Above the Fold Lift

Incremental lift evaluates the difference between the control and test of adding interactive above the fold content over time. With insights into shopper behaviors and the resulting incremental lift, brands can make smarter decisions with their marketing budget. Educate shoppers above the fold while being able to deliver deep product performance insights.

Product Engagement

What’s working and what’s not? View visitor interactions shopper behavior with your above the fold interactive content. Use engagement reports to compare add-to-cart rates and total cart value of consumers who interacted with your content.

Content Readiness

Be sure your content meets the requirements for all of your retail partners.

Content Integrity

Which products are live and which products have actually been published with your retailers?

Analytics & Optimization

Monitor on-site rankings, add-to-cart rates, and customer reviews all from one platform.

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