GDSN for Healthcare

Gain product efficiency and reduce operational risk with GS1-certified product content. Digital transformation provides unparalleled access to trusted data and standards driving rapid changes in the healthcare industry.

Syndigo Efficiently Shares Medical Device Product Data Through GDSN

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) continues to grow in healthcare. Over the last year, the increase in GTINs represents 25% annual growth. The reality is that customer expectations for GDSN compliance are growing, driven by governments and buying group standards. Data synchronization enables fewer errors and increased efficiency for healthcare trading partners. Inaccurate and outdated product data can negatively affect supply chain efficiency and patient safety.

In addition to world class GDSN experience, Syndigo also enables medical device manufacturers to:

Register medical device attributes with regulator’s Unique Device Identifier (UDI) databases

Distribute product data to the widest network of customers, distributors, buying groups, and governments

Exchange master data about products to reduce counterfeit activity and support usability and patient safety

Supply Chain Content Compliance

As pioneers of the GDSN, Syndigo has paved the way for the successful synchronization of standardized product information in healthcare markets all over the world.

Our GDSN experts help global multi-national and regional hospital systems upgrade their product related master data to GS1 Global Standards, while also creating efficiencies by automating item setup and change processes.

GDSN Schema Healthcare

Right Data. Right Now.

Syndigo is the only GS1-Certified GDSN data pool to provide the unlimited data points and innovative technology to deliver complete data and price synchronization solutions for your healthcare organization.


Automate manual content creation tasks and increase content efficiency


Bring products to market faster with New Item Setup Process (NISS)


Detect potential errors and areas to improve to prevent costly data challenges


Increase data quality and become a preferred vendor across your ecosystem


Reduce cost of service by lowered logistical and reporting errors


Increase revenue through improved product data


Validate data against GS1 global standards and common business rules

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