Planogram Development

Improve profitability with expert category management analyst support for your planogram needs.

Turn your store layouts, planograms and shelf merchandising into a profit center, with Syndigo’s category management service and solutions. Ensure efficient flows of information from manufacturer to the buyers at your retail partners.

Enabling the shopper path to purchase requires accurate and complete planograms, and Syndigo will help you save time and resources to successfully deliver on effective planograms. Our comprehensive solution provides all the necessary dimensions and product images, across categories and compatible with all major space management software.

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Maximize Your Productivity

During the busy planning seasons, it is often helpful to have additional staff available to build custom planograms of your assortment or category programs. Syndigo’s dedicated space management team connects the industry’s largest product database with our expertise to develop actionable plans to drive sales through effective planograms.

With experience in all space programs, including JDA, Nielsen and Symphony EYC we help support our clients’ planogram projects and category management initiatives quickly and accurately.

Train Your Team

If you have an in-house team devoted to planograms, our training specialists can help you keep up with the latest changes to JDA’s software solution. Our expert analysts can ensure your team operates at the highest levels, with custom trainings to suit your immediate needs and projects.

Access Technical Support

Don’t be caught without a backup plan. Most major space management software programs offer limited assistance. Reduce your risk by engaging with our experienced analysts, who can troubleshoot technical issues, convert file formats, customize reporting and offer one-on-one support and trainings.


Decades of experience in CAD and planograms for retail layout


Complete your designs quickly with additional support


Increase stocking precision and reduce labor costs


Access help desk support and offsite design

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