Supercharging Product Experiences

Global Brands

We provide our clients with access to the largest global content database of digital product information.

Global Retailers & Recipients

We have the largest retailer network allowing brands to reduce the number of vendors they need to work with to distribute their product content.

Product Attributes

Thousands of required and optional product attributes, with the ability to customize attributes to differentiate products across the retail ecosystem.

Integrated Platform

The Content Experience Hub is your end-to-end SaaS-based content management solution.

We elected to move our GDSN data to Syndigo in order to integrate all our product content in a single platform. The Syndigo team was very patient and simplified the process of uploading, managing and syndicating the content to my recipients. I was able to advance my knowledge much quicker because of the Syndigo team’s guidance during each step, and I really appreciate it!”


Syndigo’s Content Experience
Hub is Your One Source for Complete and Accurate Product Data from the Largest Network

CXH is the single-source solution that allows manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailer recipients to seamlessly create and collect, audit and manage, distribute, receive and analyze digital product content for supply chain, logistics, in-store and eCommerce needs.

Syndigo laptop screen

Enhanced Content

Promote your brand’s assets to create an engaging shopping experience and sell more online. Rich product detail allows you to to tell a compelling story directly to the end user.

Core Content

Ensure all your product content – images, nutrition, weights, dimensions, other core marketing attributes – can be managed, enriched and verified from a single platform to your in-store and eCommerce partners.

GDSN Content

Reach your recipients globally with syndicated product information using GS1 Standards. Our GDSN solution helps automate supply chain operations and increase accuracy and efficiency through standardized, formatted data synchronization.

Nutrition Information

Feed more than 25,000 foodservice restaurant locations, their websites and 100 consumer health applications with your branded ingredient, allergen, diet, and nutrition information.


Create and Collect

No content, no problem. Syndigo can create all the product content and digital assets your teams needs from supply chain to eCommerce, or we can use the content you have within your own organization.

Disseminate and Publish

Gain access to the largest global retailer and recipient network, along with thousands of global brands across all types of verticals, allowing you to streamline the number of vendors you need to engage with.

Audit, Enrich, and Manage

Content outputs are only as good as the inputs. Syndigo ensures that the product information tied to your items are verified, accurate, complete, and include the quality needed to fulfill shopper needs.

Analyze and Act

Your product content was created to drive consumer engagement and conversion. Our analytical tools can help you plan and execute future strategies, benchmark the competition, and drive additional sales growth.

Your End-to-End Solution for Digital Product Content

Enabling our clients to provide one source of truth to consumers through customizable product and content management solutions.