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Audit your eCommerce content with a complimentary scorecard.

Product Content Health and Vendor Scorecarding

Improve product content across your retail site and grow sales with VendorSCOR

Content Health is Vital to eCommerce Success

Consumers make split-second purchasing decisions based on available data and content.

Incomplete or inaccurate product content means:

  • Lost conversions:
    They continue their purchase decision elsewhere
  • Higher returns/lower CSAT:
    They make a purchase that doesn’t meet expectations
  • Lower cart value:
    They buy a lower-price alternative that has better content
Content Health

VendorSCOR Empowers You to Gather the Content You Need from Vendors



Evaluate content quality across your site with an automated audit that identifies problems and opportunities.



Send vendors custom scorecards and prescriptive directions to improve their product information and data based on your unique requirements.



Publish higher quality product content that enhances the customer experience and grows sales.

Syndigo Content Monitoring

Syndigo Content Monitoring automatically identifies and evaluates all user-facing content across your site:

  • Product data
  • Descriptions, features
  • Images and multimedia
  • Documents
  • Hyperlinks
  • Enhanced Content
  • Content within third party modules like Ratings and Reviews

“Our purpose is to help families discover the joy of everyday life. We want every part of our guests’ experience to help create that feeling, from in store to online. This is why Target expects our vendors and partners to maintain a Content Health Score of 80 or above. Good content health supports the Target Purpose.”


–  Shea Dunn, Sr. Content Process Analyst, Target

Formulate the Perfect Scoring Matrix for Your Site

Grade every PDP based on custom criteria to build the desired customer experience across your site.

customer experience

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Monitor, Measure, Prioritize, and Engage Your Brands

VendorSCOR makes product content collection, conversion, and optimization simple and scalable.


Master Your Digital Shelf

Understand what’s working on your site—and what needs improvement. With VendorSCOR, monitor your product content health, and track progress across your site—all while equipping vendors with key insights to improve content and provide transparent communication.

Learn more about Content Integrity and our Digital Shelf Analytics tools for your product content.

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