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A better way to manage and publish your item data in the GDSN.

Data Collection Program

HD Supply has partnered with Syndigo to enhance our marketing data collection and the customer shopping experience. Through Syndigo, HD Supply will be capturing and maintaining Global Data Standardization Network (GDSN) data, material updates, and digital assets. Through these enhancements, it allows our vendors a simplified item set up and ongoing maintenance, as well as one database to store data to span across all retailers and customers.


By capturing GDSN data, we will be able to optimize our warehouses throughout the HD Supply network and overall logistics structure. Vendors will have access to multiple trainings and support to help accomplish this partnership. HD Supply wants to thank you all in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to driving data and supply chain efficiency with you through Syndigo.

Onboarding with Syndigo

Suppliers with an existing Syndigo account and matched SKUs in the Syndigo platform are currently following the onboarding program milestones outlined below.


Suppliers who are new to the Syndigo platform will begin their onboarding process the second week of February, 2018. Upon completion of the enrollment form, an onboarding manager will be in touch to schedule time for an onboarding session.

Enter Data and Submit Items

Onboarding and Account Setup Call

Onboarding and Account Setup Call

Training & Resource Material

CXH Marketing Training Webinar

Learn about our CXH Platform as it relates to HD Supply

GDSN Training Webinar

Learn about the GDSN Process as it relates to HD Supply

Open Q&A Session

Join an Open Q&A session for further assistance

CXH Marketing Guide

Prepare your product data for sending through CXH


Frequently Asked Questions for HD Supply Vendors

Stock Item Setup Guide

Helpful information about HD Supply's Item Setup Process flow

Non-Stock Item Setup Guide

Important HD Supply information for non-stock item setup

What is GDSN?

Find out what GDSN is and how it works

New to GDSN?

How to get started with the Global Data Synchronization Network

Common GDSN Issues

Common issues when using another GDSN provider

Create a GLN

Three things that make up a GLN

GDSN QuickSwitch Guide

Making the switch is as easy as these four steps

Get Started with GDSN

Find out what you need to send GDSN information

Why Syndigo?

Access from Anywhere

It’s in the cloud! Make your internal workflows so much easier with unlimited users and custom permissions. No more siloed information!

Your Centralized Repository

Simplify the management and maintenance of your data with one single location for all of your product content.

Flexible Upload Options

The Syndigo platform allows you the flexibility to load data directly into the application, thorough smart spreadsheets, or import feeds from your system to ours.

Enhanced Data Quality

Our integrated Data Quality Engine performs thousands of validations to ensure both completeness and accuracy of your data.

Digital Asset Management

Take control of your product images, detailed shots, videos, planograms, and more. Whatever the format or size, our digital asset transformation tools are a game changer.

Training & Support

Let us help you get the most from your product content. Syndigo offers self-paced learning, hosted training webinars, and in-person workshops.


I am a new HD Supply vendor. How do I get access to the CXH Platform?

  • HD Supply will submit your Vendor ID to Syndigo and a Syndigo onboarding specialist will contact you. Activating your Syndigo account requires a completed DocuSign agreeing to Syndigo’s terms and conditions. Once the DocuSign is returned to Syndigo, the onboarding team will create your account and username(s).

My company has never been required to send GDSN information; what are my first steps?

  • You must first acquire a GS1 company prefix, a unique identification number issued to your company—and it is part of every barcode and identification number you create. If your company already has barcoded items, you most likely already have a GS1 Company Prefix and a Global Location Number (GLN). You can register that GLN with any Certified GDSN Data Pool to start the process of sending your GDSN Data.

When do I begin adding my marketing data in the Syndigo CXH Platform?

  • Once your account is active and you have login information, you should begin to add your product data into the CXH Platform as soon as your merchant requests the product. You will publish your marketing data first and then your GDSN data (if applicable) following. For further details please review the item set up guides.

Will I be able to view my GDSN Data for HD Supply within the Syndigo CXH Platform?

  • Vendors that use Syndigo as their GDSN provider will be able to view and setup both their marketing and GDSN data within the CXH Platform. If your company is using another GDSN provider, you will not be able to access your GDSN data within the CXH platform.

I have published my GDSN Data, but HD Supply isn't receiving it. Why?

  • Two possibilities:
    1. Your item(s) is not passing HD Supply specific GDSN validations.
    2. Please confirm that your Top Level GTIN attribute is correct inside of Syndigo on your HD Supply Stock Item Requirement Set.

How do I use the CXH platform to upload/add Digital Assets for my items?

  • All vendors have access to the Assets tab in the CXH Platform. Vendors can upload an unlimited number of images/digital assets and attach those assets to the appropriate products.

What are the CXH requirements for Digital Assets?

  • Images must meet a 1000-pixel minimum size requirement before they can be published to HD Supply.

Can I attach a single Digital Asset file to multiple products in the CXH platform?

  • Yes! Vendors can now attach the same digital asset (i.e. User Manual, Installation Guide, etc.) to multiple products

Interested in publishing your product data to HD Supply and other vendors?

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