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Create, collect, audit, enrich and manage your product information to optimize your eCommerce experience, In-Store Merchandising, and Supply Chain and Logistics data.

Syndigo’s Core Content helps you deliver brand consistency and transparency while enabling eCommerce and in-store category management programs to drive sales and supply chain efficiency.

With the world’s largest active database of food, health and beauty, home improvement, and other product content, Syndigo’s Core Content solution enables you to create, collect, audit, enrich and manage your product data content, including images, weights and dimensions, nutritional data and other attributes for in-store and eCommerce optimizations.

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Accurate Digital Images

Creating effective brand imagery begins with consistent, high quality and accurate product images that resonate with your consumers. For more than four decades, Syndigo has been the industry standard for creating and hosting product images to drive your marketing, merchandising and promotional programs.


Our expertise ensures your products are captured in the right size and format for each usage, whether it’s for retailer or foodservice eCommerce sites, space management planogram programs, mobile apps, print and digital circulars or eCatalogs, in-store kiosks, store signage, promotional tags or shelf edge strips.

Enriched* and Verified Content

Syndigo’s content capture and creation processes ensure accurate representation of your product’s weights and dimensions, ingredient and nutritional information, marketing claims, and any other packaging information.


Beyond the label, we give deeper insights by enriching product descriptions with many as 171 million additional attributes, including identifiers such as allergens, ingredient, and diet claims, (e.g. gluten free or vegan), country of origin, trading markets, SEO terms, romance product copy, warnings, and much more.


Whether you choose to have Syndigo capture this information on your behalf or you upload or integrate directly from a product information systems, we verify the content for completeness, accuracy and quality to ensure it is ready for retailer syndication through the Content Experience Hub.


*Syndigo is a Walmart Connected Content Partner for Content Enrichment. Learn more here.

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The Largest Global Retailer Network

After your product content is enriched and verified, we can release it to the largest retailer network. With more than four decades of in-store and eCommerce expertise in the industry, Syndigo connects 1,400+ retailers globally through our Content Experience Hub.


With API integration for some of the largest retailers including Walmart, Costco, FreshDirect, Instacart, and many others, you can have the peace of mind that your product content can instantly reach 85% of US grocery, drug and mass retailers, and 90% of the top convenience/gas retailers, plus partner websites and retailer mobile apps with more than 100 million visitors per month.


Plus, we keep our data fresh, adding 100,000 new and updated products – with multiple images and hundreds of attributes – every year.

Case Capture

Syndigo captures product data at the individual item, tray/pack, case, and pallet level for easy supply chain integration. This reduces shipping costs by ensuring accurate measures for intermodal cargo, and helps to avoid slotting penalties at the retail warehouse.


Both manufacturers and retailers rely on Syndigo’s accurate case content to improve production within distribution operations.


Shoppers gain the right impression online and in-store


Product descriptors and derived information beyond the label


Syndicate to largest global retailer network of 1,400 recipients


Syndigo ensures items are verified for completeness, accuracy, and quality

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Syndigo is the global leader for validated Core and Enhanced digital product content including deep Nutritional data, and GDSN data across the largest network of 1,400+ retailers, distributors and trading partners, including over 7,500+ manufacturers and suppliers.

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