Let's Team Up and Sell More Together

We’re calling on you to help us enhance our product imagery and marketing copy.

Together, we can ensure our mutual products have the robust profiles and visual references our customers need – allowing them to more easily search our catalog and giving us a persuasive advantage in print and digital communications.


Our goal is to collect or create content for every product we sell. This plan requires the full participation of our vendor partners. Your timely cooperation is appreciated.

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Content Guidelines

US Foods® has created content standards for our product imagery and marketing copy. We will review your submissions to ensure they adhere to our standards, and we may edit if necessary.

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Ready to add marketing content and images to your products? After signing up, start here for navigation tips and step-by-step instructions on how to update your products within Attribytes.

Content We Need

We have identified a number of your items that need additional photography and marketing copy. Follow the link to access instructions to participate in our effort and view a list of your items that require additional attention.

Let Us Do The Job

If you do not have marketing copy or professional images, our copywriters and photographers can create the content on your behalf. Get in touch with us at USFContentSupport@PureRed.net

US Foods GDSN Implementation Guide