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Both internal and external data—and the challenges of using them—are growing at an incredible rate, putting pressure on all technology to keep pace. With fragmented independent systems tied together, a minor change can cause cascading problems that are costly and time-consuming to fix—and add unnecessary risk to the accuracy of product information.

Syndigo creates a more unified experience, allowing control over rapidly changing and complex product requirements, along with accurate information at the speed of commerce. The only comprehensive platform that is purpose-built to connect every aspect of the data and content lifecycle, Syndigo is the Active Content Engine that covers the top brand owners, medical device manufacturers, GPOs, distributors, and providers.

“We selected Syndigo because they were innovative and their vision for the healthcare industry was aligned with our own.”
Sandi M.

Your content flows seamlessly,
across the entire ecosystem.

Medical Device Data Challenges That We Can Help Solve:

Manual Process

Gathering data from mulitple sources for multiple purposes

Lower Priority on Finished Data

Lower demand for Customer-Facing data has many without a solution

Multiple Overlapping Systems

Several systems with similar functionality make system selection difficult

Conflicting Datasets

Difficult for employees to identify a correct record or datapoint for a product

Reseller and End User Requirements

Differing and complicated data requirements are difficult to fulfill

Regulatory Requirements

Several tedious regulatory submissions are required throughout the product's lifecycle

Healthcare Data Standards

As stringent standards are enforced globally, confusion increases.

High Data Liability

Although a product misinformation carries liability in many categories, Medical device errors can be crippling

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