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The nutrition transparency your consumers demand.

Your Brand’s Nutrition, Made Easy

As government requirements and consumer demand for food nutrition and ingredient transparency and traceability continue to evolve, restaurants are challenged to provide the crucial food sourcing ingredients, nutrition facts and allergens that build consumer trust and loyalty.

Syndigo solves the food menu labeling and ingredient transparency challenge by helping restaurants instantly publish nutrition data to online, mobile and digital menu boards in order to maintain compliance with the FDA menu labeling regulations.

Streamline nutrition data publishing – by managing and publishing your nutrition data to many channels, from a single centralized source.  


Comply with FDA menu labeling – by having our team of in-house dietitians curate your menu information and display it in an FDA-friendly manner.


Meet consumer demand for transparency – by improving accuracy and providing full nutrition and allergen information in the format consumers have come to expect.

Applications for Your Business

To help you give your customers control and flexibility, Syndigo provides the nutrition data so customers can build their exact meal and see the nutrition information for it. If you offer customization or build-your-own items, customers can easily create their favorite dishes and know exactly what they’re eating.

Syndigo’s allergen tools help you reduce risk and ensure that your customers feel welcome to enjoy your menu, regardless of dietary restrictions and allergies. Our Allergen Wizard helps diners build a custom menu around their allergy needs. The Ingredient Statement Search tool goes one step further to allow your customers to identify items containing specific ingredients they may need to avoid.

To help safeguard the accuracy of your nutrition data, Syndigo’s NutritionLink™ algorithm provides an extra automated check against your menu items. NutritionLink searches for possible inaccurate nutrition data patterns and flags the discrepancies for Syndigo’s team of nutrition experts, so it can be corrected before it is shown to your guests.

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