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Syndicate and Distribute Content Anywhere

Quickly deliver content that meets partners’ standards and customer expectations.

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Seamlessly share data among global trading partners.

Every channel has different data requirements, and content changes continually. Without a unified system to manage and distribute content, it’s easy to wonder if you’ll ever keep up. With Syndigo’s Active Content Engine, you can manage your data to meet partners’ standards and get it everywhere it needs to be.

Streamline Content Delivery

Syndigo Recipient Network

Using the largest two-sided global network of brands and recipients, you can easily distribute verified, standardized content. We’ll make sure your content meets the multiple requirements and delivery specifications of your partners, so it can be distributed in store, online and to industry-required data formats such as GDSN, ACES, PIES and EUDAMED. As the go-to solution for most major recipients, our clients can quickly distribute their information to any shelf, platform or marketplace. By powering client’s data throughout our comprehensive two-sided network, Syndigo ensures the right data is in the right place, in the right context, in near real-time

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1,750 Recipients

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12,000 Brand Partners

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23,000+ Unique Requirement Sets

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Multiple Integration Methods (Managed Requirements, APIs, Templates)

GDSN Publishing

Syndigo is the only GS1-Certified GDSN data pool who can also deliver complete data and price synchronization solutions for your organization.

As one of the largest global GDSN synchronization providers—with over 7,500 GDSN partners—we provide the category breadth and global reach you need to distribute product information and streamline operations. Learn more about GDSN

Global UDI Submission

Get robust product content support to meet the continually changing regulations in healthcare. With Syndigo, medical device manufacturers can send UDI data seamlessly and maintain UDI compliance.

Learn more about UDI

Syndigo Marketplace

If you’re in need of high-quality, ready-to-use product information for your print or digital marketing, eCommerce, or space management, tap into the Syndigo Marketplace. It’s the world’s largest active database of verified and standardized product content.

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1.6 Million+ Products

Use verified and standardized product data across mediums.

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Quick and Easy Access

Easily log in, search for products, and download the associated attributes and assets for external use.

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Template Customization

Create your own or download customizable advertising, space management & eCommerce templates.

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Content Publishing

Make your products available to Syndigo’s Marketplace recipient network.

Custom Distribution

Have a non-traditional data recipient in your mix? Manage it easily with Syndigo. You can create an unlimited number of data recipients, each with their own template—even for internal client systems. Every distribution goes through the same rigorous data quality and publishing schedules as a traditional retailer recipient.

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Custom Asset Portals

Create custom, secure, branded product subsets to share with specific recipient partners.

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User-Created Templates

Enable users to arrange and highlight the data important for them, so work is more efficient.

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Scheduled Publishing

Set the time users receive regular reports.


“With Syndigo, I spend less time trying to get the same information to all of the online entities we do business with. I can change one thing in Syndigo… and within 3 minutes, I’m done publishing upwards of thousands of items, to all of our different vendors. As a result, I have more time to make the content the best we can for all involved.”
Michael Bailey, Prime-Line Products

Would you rather have a unified strategy for syndicating content? Or patch it together?

Let us show you how we can help you streamline content delivery for every channel.