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To acknowledge your acceptance of the terms put forth in the Costco MX-Supplier agreement or to initiate a GDSN subscription request with Costco MX, please submit the form on the right.

Costco now asks suppliers to load all items sold to Costco into a certified GDSN data pool where they must be kept current. Costco’s certified GDSN data pool provider is Syndigo. Costco has created this page to give Suppliers an understanding of the Merchandise Modernization Project and to make it easy to begin the process of sharing product information with Costco.


Using the menu at left, you can discover the benefits of data synchronization, learn about the goals of Costco’s initiative, and find useful information regarding the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and global standards. Please use the form on the right to begin the process of sharing your product information with Costco.


This page is hosted by Syndigo, Costco’s data management partner and a certified GDSN Data Pool. Syndigo has vast experience in product data management, the Global Data Synchronization Network, and Costco’s attribute requirements.


Please email or call Syndigo with questions regarding the GDSN, Certified Data Pools, or the Costco Merchandise Modernization Project.

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