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Power accurate and verified data to Costco with Syndigo as your GS1-Certified GDSN Data pool. Publish your items easily through the GDSN.

Costco Corporation Joins the GDSN

As part of Costco’s Merchandise Modernization effort, Costco has joined the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to improve efficiencies and enhance the process for receiving product information from suppliers. Costco now asks suppliers to load all items sold to Costco into a certified GDSN data pool where they must be kept current. Costco’s certified GDSN data pool provider is Syndigo.

If your certified data pool provider is also Syndigo, please contact sales@syndigo.com. If you are not part of a certified data pool, and choose to use Syndigo, you can contact us for:

Costco’s data requirements

The process for publishing item information through GDSN

Questions around GS1, data pools, and GDSN

Learn More About GDSN Content

If you have an existing relationship with a different certified data pool provider, and have any questions about loading your items to Costco, please send an email to GDSN@costco.com.

Costco is aware this will take time and appreciates your partnership to make the modernization effort successful. For questions or concerns about the GDSN initiative, email GDSN@costco.com.

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