See your products in Subway's systems

See how your products look within Subway / IPC’s internal systems to make sure you are satisfying their data quality standards.
Improve your GS1 Data

Subway / IPC is using Attribytes View My ProductTM to give suppliers an easy way to identify problem areas with their GS1 data. See how products are stacking up against Subway / IPC’s completeness and accuracy standards with this industry leading Data Quality Scorecard, all at no cost!


See below for additional documentation to make sure you are meeting all of Subway’s GS1 Data Quality requirements

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IPC Subway Attribytes How-To Guide

Get started here and follow a few easy steps to get your Subway data squeaky clean.

IPC Subway Implementation Guide

Download Subway’s GDSN Implementation Guide to see what is required to successfully publish your data.

Subway Data Accuracy Requirements

Find out what attributes are being physically audited and how to get into compliance.

IPC Subway Data Quality Scorecard Webinar

Check out the IPC/Subway’s Data Quality Scorecard webinar so that you can meet IPC/Subway’s data quality standards!